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Configuring RSTP on the 1820 procurve switch

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Configuring RSTP on the 1820 procurve switch

I have 5 - 1820-48port procurve switches that have all been enabled with vlan tagging/trunking and I can ping from Switch 5 to Switch 1 and back and forth and between users. Now the problem is whenever I apply Rapid Spanning-Tree protocol the connection will drop and I will not have successful pings. I have two trunks using the last four ports on each switch and when I apply RSTP the connections between the switches will drop and one of the trunks will be in the forwarding state and one of the trunk will be in the Discarding state.


Is this because I have the switches pretty much daisy chained together instead of providing that switch/link redundancy by using the star topology?


Let me know when you get the opportunity and this is all being configured through the web interface as these switches have no console access. Is there a way to access the CLI through the web interface?


Basically what I'm asking is how would you configure 5 HP procurve 1820-48 ports switches together with trunks, Spanning-Tree and get to function properly through the web interface????


Thanks in advance for helping me out


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Re: Configuring RSTP on the 1820 procurve switch

It's probably because you have different VLAN configured on the two trunks on at least one of your switches.