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Cryptic error message HP V1810-48G

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Cryptic error message HP V1810-48G

Every few months I receive error messages through syslog from one of our three switches (firmware PK 1.34) like this:

[-2131330512]: hal_misc.c(96) 1523 %% Jump to NULL! Interrupt: 0x00000000  vector: 0x00000098  cause: 0x00000000  status: 0x00000000


So far I see not a real impact..

Can anyone say anything more about these errors?

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Re: Cryptic error message HP V1810-48G

Just speculating (I'm not an embedded system developer): HAL_misc.c would refer to miscellaneous function(s) provided by Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL contains all start-up code) by means of a C source code that should be part of the embedded OS (eCOS operating system based? like  eCos-2.0, CFE-3.8...or something similar)...so it's definitely something related to embedded operating system running on HP ProCurve V1810-48G Switch...and the HAL_misc.c routing is outputting an exception ("Jump to NULL!"), the culprit? I've no idea...better to infrom HPE Support by opening a Ticket since you're running a very latest software release (PK 1.34).

Read here ("3.1 Exceptions") and two interesting instructive hacking references here (Take 1) and here (Take 2).