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DHCP Problem with 2 V1910


DHCP Problem with 2 V1910

I am Having a problem, I interconnect 2 offices with comcast fiber poin to point, I have 1 v1910 with ip's on vlan1, a second vlan10 on the same switch and a FTP server win2000 and a Domain controller and DHCP server 2008, at the other end I have a switch v1910 with 2 vlans, vlan 1 and a vlan 10, the interconnect each other through vlan10 and I have a DHCP DC and DATA server at the network , my problem is that sometimes my computers at network get ip's from the DHCP network and viceversa, the computers still connect but are using Internet from different sites and is slow to access their own server,


So Haw can I stop or configure the switch to block DHCP requests from other site and keep looking and connecting to their own segment?.




I am new in procurve configuration switches, Any HELP will be much appreciated.


THX in advance


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Re: DHCP Problem with 2 V1910

Hi Miguel,


From what you are saying it looks like you have no router in between the two networks. I would suggest that you setup an ACL to block udp 67 from going across the p-t-p connection on each of the switches. 


The other way of doing this is to have your two switches setup to enable routing and have the p-t-p connection on another VLAN which will then stop all broadcast traffic from traversing the p-t-p link. This is obviously the more time consuming option - as long as your 1910 switches can do layer 3 routing (I have never used them so I am not sure if they can).




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Re: DHCP Problem with 2 V1910

I have the schemma as follows:


                                                   VLAN1                                   VLAN1

 Internet   --------- Firewall----------Switch 1 ------(Point to Point)---------- switch2 -----------firewall ---------Internet

                                                                DHCP Server      VLAN10                        VLAN10             DHCPServer2


                                                                  on VLAN1                                                                                  on VLAN1




I hope this is clear, but each switch has 2 VLAN's, VLAN 1 and 10, the VLAN 10 connects the PTP , but the problem is that I don't know how to block the DHCP requests on each side to avoid getting ip's from different segment.



Re: DHCP Problem with 2 V1910

How can I block the port 67 on  ACL?