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Disable http after enabling https access?

W Fooshee

Disable http after enabling https access?

My company installed a number of 1810 switches for a customer, both 8 and 24 port devices, with the stated purpose being to enable a second VLAN on his network. Done, working, all is well.


He has since asked about locking down the switches, not an original requirement. I know they don't support RADIUS or other authentication servers, they don't have a command line, and so on. But they have https capability which I think would be good enough for him.


I've enabled https access to the switches and it works fine. But I don't see a way to disable the non-secure http access. I'm kind of in a "what's the point?" frame of mind.


Yes, you can manage securely, but if secure management is not required by the device, what good does it do?


Am I missing something? Can http access be disabled on these switches?

Occasional Contributor

Re: Disable http after enabling https access?

Did you get an answer to this query?