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Download Failed when updating HP 1910-24 JG538A over serial communication

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Download Failed when updating HP 1910-24 JG538A over serial communication


I am having problems during updating the main application of my switches HP 1910-24 JG538A.

I identify that the main and backup applications are not initialized.

I am trying to update the main application through serial console since the web application is not working.

First, I downloaded the newest binary application (1910-24-JG538A_5.20.R1113.zip) at https://h10145.www1.hpe.com/Downloads/SoftwareReleases.aspx?ProductNumber=JG538A&lang=en&cc=us&prodSeriesId=4218346 

With the binary in hands (main.bin), I started the screen to initialize the update

# screen /dev/ttyS1 115200

On the EXTEND-BOOTWARE MENU, I choose the option <2> Enter Serial SubMenu and then I select the option <1> Download Application Program To SDRAM And Run. Notice that I have the same problems choosing the option |<2> Update Main Application File.

Afters select to download application program and run, Itshows the below message and keeps writing a 'C' character on the screen showing that it is wainting for the binary.

Please Start To Transfer File, Press <Ctrl+C> To Exit.
Waiting ...CCCC

In this moment, I kill the screen application in order to execute the minicom because I can only send files through serial using minicom.

# minicom

When minicom connects to /dev/ttyS1, the 'C' character continues to be write on the screen. Thus, after typing Ctrl-A + Z, I choose the option  Send files......... S. and try to send the main.bin using all the showed transmission options, i.e.  zmodem,  ymodem,  xmodem, kermit and ascii. But All unsuccessfully

Anyone knows what the problem ? or could help to try other ways to send the main application over serial  and update ?

Sorry for my english (In additional because I try to write fast)

Ian Vaughan
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Re: Download Failed when updating HP 1910-24 JG538A over serial communication


As an alternative to the serial modem method do you not get an FTP option from the extended boot menu?

This would be loads faster than your serial upload?

I've used filezllla as both FTP client and server - you may need to poke a hole through your firewall on your PC - plenty of guides online.

Let us know how you progress - good luck.


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