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Factory reset 1910-8G-PoE+ JG350A

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Factory reset 1910-8G-PoE+ JG350A


How do I factory reset a 1910-8G-PoE+ JG350A?

1. RJ45 port is disabled or blocked - no connunication

2. No access to the CLI

3. previous config unknowen





Michal Doležal
Frequent Advisor

Re: Factory reset 1910-8G-PoE+ JG350A

This switch has Console port for service access. So connect serial cable to this console and power on the switch, when switch start booting wait until system show table with firmware version and will show instruction Press Ctrl+B for Enhanced Boot menu (not basic boot menu!!!).

Beware console port speed is not 9600, but 38400 (because this switch is 3COM originate)

In Boot menu you have choice to reset configuration to default by deleting configuration files (4. Delete files from flash).

Delete appropriate config file (*.cfg, usually startup.cfg), reboot the switch again.

1910-8G is classic Comware switch which has only limited CLI where you can setup just primary IP address. Default state of the switch is DHCP IP allocation on VLAN1 and login admin without password, with http enable. If you don´t have DHCP in network, using console in CLI can do this task. It is only one allowed command.

One warning - 3COM switches was by default delivered with spanning tree enabled as RSTP, with stp edge-port enable functionality. If your network is STP enabled, please configure this before you connect this to the network.

Enjoy this diamond switch.

Michal Dolezal, DiS.
System engineer