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Re: Firmware for Baseline 2928 (V1910-24G)

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Firmware for Baseline 2928 (V1910-24G)



I saw HP has renamed all 3Com stuff to a new scheme unfortunatley we must have bought our stuff 1-2 months to early to enjoy the unlimited HP warranty. But what I'm unsure is about what firmware is valid for our units. I see there are different builds for HP and 3Com named products.


What firmware can I flash on a 3Com labelled 2928, can I flash the latest (from 2011) firmware for the V1910, or is there anything different from the HP branded models which would block me on a 2010 build?

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Re: Firmware for Baseline 2928 (V1910-24G)

Well, answering to myself since I was able to test the update on a secondary switch without service disruption. I hoped someone would have already had that question in mind, but well.


Honestly I'm not that happy about HP making it quite diffucult to find out the new HP name vs. former 3Com-H3C gear product names, but once you have the name (JE006A in my case) it's ok. For those out there with 3Com or H3C gear  pre-dating the merger: HP has not stopped providing firmware support (at least not for this model). Thanks HP!


While firmware binary is named after the new HP naming scheme, flash works without any problem, even updating the BootROM. - Interestingly even after the successful update showing a new version, it's still showing 3Com logos and 3Com copyrights. (No clue whether this is different with units made after the merger)

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Re: Firmware for Baseline 2928 (V1910-24G)

Hey, where did you find an updated bootrom file?  I have identical switches, and the current bootrom version is 119, and the latest firmware requires a bootrom of version 151 or better... but I can't find the bootrom files anywhere.

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Re: Firmware for Baseline 2928 (V1910-24G)


simply update to latest firmware. Bootrom will be updated too.

Yesterday all my 2928 SFP+ get 5.20 R1111 and also Bootrom 151 without any problems.

Take a look below:






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Re: Firmware for Baseline 2928 (V1910-24G)



I also bought this switch, and I also received a 3Com version. Flashing the latest HP firmware is no problem, but is there a possibility to get rid of all the 3com things? I just want that the webgui looks like a HP switch...