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GBICs fail in 1810G switch

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GBICs fail in 1810G switch



My client got a new batch of LX GBICs and tried to install into an 1810G-24 switch. After a couple of failures, thinking the GBICs were faulty, we finally twigged that is was the switch. Seems to be this issue (from the P.1.17 release notes):


"Mini-GBIC (PR_0000050040) — In some situations, the J4859C ProCurve Gigabit-LX-LC Mini-GBIC will fail to
operate after insertion into a J9450A HP ProCurve 1810G-24 Switch. The 1810G port LED flashes, and the switch reports Transceiver type UNSUPPORTED. After this event, the transceiver will not initialize in other ProCurve switches".


The GBICs appear to be trashed completely... anyone know if they can be reinitialized or recovered somehow ?




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Re: GBICs fail in 1810G switch



I am sorry to inform you that the mGBICs are not recoverable. I recommend the following two actions:


1) Update the software on the 1810G switch to avoid damaging other mGBICs


2) Contact HP Support and log a call for replacing the mGBICs under warranty


Support will ask you for pictures of all sides of the mGBICs, and probably support data from a switch where they are inserted. Be sure you quote the PR (problem report) number you list below, that will help expedite the handling.


Have you tried the mGBICs in another type of switch? Are they also faulty there? This would be good to mention when you are in contact with support.


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Re: GBICs fail in 1810G switch

Thanks Michael, confirmed my worst fears. At least they will be replaced under warranty.


Yes, the GBICs are fine in other types of switches.