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Get radius (NPS) to work with HP1910v switches

New Member

Get radius (NPS) to work with HP1910v switches


I am faced with the unfortunate challenge to get radius (NPS) working with HP1910v switches.

I have managed to get WEB radius working fine and have admin privileges, however when I change the "Login-Service" to SSH, then SSH works with radius authentication but GUI stops working (login failed) .

I have added SSH with value 50 to the DNARY file.

Settings in NPS:

Ignore User Dial-In Properties = True

Access permission = Grant Permission

Authentication Method = PAP. SPAP, CHAP

Vendor-Specefic = 3COM> Vendor Assigned Attribute=1 > Attribute Value=3 (decimal)

Login-Service = Telnet

Any Help is appreciated...


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