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[HELP] HP 1820 - Log Reading

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[HELP] HP 1820 - Log Reading

Hello Guys,

Noob here...I get in touch with managed switch just over a year ago, and learn it most by my self. Now i got some confusing situation here. Hopefully you guys could lend me a hand...

I got 3 HP 1820 in my Company Network, I tried to get help from HPE live chat before but as the product is already discontinued i couldn't  proceed (i think this is suck).

The problem is started last friday, when i try to set some TV Box from our local ISP to use for the World Cup event. When I try to connect it, some user having a problem connecting to our Production Server, at least 3 workstation disconnected.

I Checked the Switch's log from the SysLog Server and got some messages like this:

"loop_protect_txrx.c(100) 2319008 %% Is looped probably, since feature not enabled discarding the packet."

and this:

"traputil.c(701) 2319068 %% Inserts: 157 Deletes: 159 Drops: 0 Ageouts :152"

I've tried to googled it before, but it seems so hard to find a clue. Is there some short of manual which contain the list of log messages meaning? Because if i don't know what it's meaning then there no step i can make, am i?

The 1st message said somethin about loop, but from that messages i just can't figure it out what port causing the loop or any other clue. Help me cracking the messages please?

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Re: [HELP] HP 1820 - Log Reading

With three HP 1820...what is your network topology and how did you connect that TV Box?
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Re: [HELP] HP 1820 - Log Reading

Hi, thanks for the response...here is the topology..