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HP 1810-24G will not reset

Occasional Collector

HP 1810-24G will not reset

I was attempting to setup link aggregation with a Synology RS812 NAS and the switch froze. I've attempted (multiple times) to reset the switch to factor defaults by:


  • Holding down the "Reset" and "Clear" on the front panel
  • Releasing "Reset"
  • Releasing "Clear" after the LED Mode lights flash twice


The switch will not come up completely. Fault indicator is flashing and ports 9-16 have the link light blinking. This configuration implies fault other than self-test. This says configuration fault to me, but I thought I was following the instructions to reset to factory defaults above.





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Occasional Collector

Re: HP 1810-24G will not reset

Well I submitted a ticket to HP, within 30 minutes I had a phone call and a new switch on it's way for overnight delivery. No arguments.


All I can say is that this kind of service will keep me coming back to HPs Procurve networking gear.


Rare that you get that kind of service these days, at least in my experience.