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HP 1810 Trunking problems

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HP 1810 Trunking problems

I have 3 1810 series switches, two of the newer 1810-24G v2, and one older 1810-24G... I have trunks between these switches using 2 cables each, so:


switch1 (ports 25/26) -> switch2 (ports 25/26)

switch2 (ports 23/24) -> switch3 (ports 23/24)


If i plug one of the paired cables in the trunk comes up, and adding the second cable joins it to the trunk. If however i reboot one of the switches so that both ports come online simultaneously the trunk doesn't pass any traffic. There doesn't appear to be anything in the logs either.


This wasn't a problem with the 1810-24G v1 when trunked to another identical switch, but seems to occur with the v2 wether its being trunked to another v2 or to the older v1.


I have tried all the trunking modes - static, lacp active, lacp passive etc but always seem to have the same problems and the only (temporary) solution is to unplug both cables, then put them back one at a time.


Any suggestions as to what's going on?

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Re: HP 1810 Trunking problems

I think what I would try to do is change my spanning-tree config and then see if the behaviour remains the same.


What else is in your switch configs?