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HP 1820 24G Trunk issue

Occasional Contributor

HP 1820 24G Trunk issue

Hi all,

In the past, I worked with HP 1810 24G switches and my system works properly.

Now I'm going to migrate HP 1820 24G switches, but I discover a little problem in my application, this is my scenario:

I have to connect two sites (site A and site B) throght 2 different phisical links, so, I place 1 switch x site and I configured

them as follow:


Site A and Site B has the same configurations:

port 1 to port 2 as part of trunk 1. 

port 3 to port 12 as part of VLAN2 untagged

port 13 to port 26 as part of VLAN1 untagged

trunk1 as part of VLAN1 and VLAN2 Tagged

Trunk 1 = dynamic mode

spanning tree enable as RSTP


Now I connect two phisical links (radio links) between Port 1 site A to Port 1 site B nad between Port 2 site A and Port 2 site B.


The sistem seems to works properly but, if one of the radio link goes down, the connection between site A to site B goes down for about 90 seconds and then go UP.


I think that the problem is someting about the the algoritm used from the trunk to switch from one port to another, but I don't found a solution.


With the HP 1810 24 G the switching time was about 5 seconds!!!!.


Can anyone help me?


Tanks and exuseme for my english.





Occasional Contributor

Re: HP 1820 24G Trunk issue

Try upgrading your firmware and change it to a static trunk..

I believe dynamic LACP will require a default VLAN tag for negotiation

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Re: HP 1820 24G Trunk issue

Correct regarding the general requirment of Default VLAN for Port Trunking.

The OP should try to just configure the yet defined Bridge Aggregation Group 1 (Trunk 1) leaving it with VLAN 1 Untagged and then adding VLAN 2 Tagged. Port Type of the Trunk 1 (BAGG1) should be set of Type Trunk.

Port Trunking with the usage of Dynamic protocol (LACP) should be fine.

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Re: HP 1820 24G Trunk issue

i have some problem to. It takes times to change the IP for port tagged in VLANS, because it take long time the webpage back to the login page again....

How to upgrade firmware ? I donwloaded the lates firmware for HP 1820 24G J9980A, but I don't know what to do then ??