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HP 1910-24G-PoE (170W) Switch (JE008A) - some problems

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HP 1910-24G-PoE (170W) Switch (JE008A) - some problems

Hi, I have some problems with the switch hp 1910.


The switch responds to the ping with a longer time to 3 milliseconds, the devices attached to the LAN instead all respond in less than a millisecond. It 's normal?


The switch has 4 gbic to interface to the optical fiber set in teaming.


Each time you stop the current switch loses the settings septate, who returns as the ip address dhcp and set the teaming on the fiber.


Accidentally set it to something? The setting I do it from the web interface.

Thanks to all


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Re: HP 1910-24G-PoE (170W) Switch (JE008A) - some problems

Go to Maintenance and select  Save Configuration


A slow ping is probably normal: it isn't the switch's job to be routing packets, so replying to pings is given very low priority by the CPU.


Passing frames containing ICMP packets from attached devices *is* the switch's job, so it does these efficiently.