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HP 1910 24G and VLAN confusion..need a little help please

New Member

HP 1910 24G and VLAN confusion..need a little help please

Hello and thank you in advance for the help.


My 1910 switch has the default VLAN 0001 in which I have my inter office network on (Server and Workstations). I obviously want to keep this network to itself (192.168.1.x)


I have a multi use conference room that I want to setup a seperate VLAN for... So I created a VLAN of 192.168.5.x


We have 6 Access Points connected to my switch on ports 19, 20 ,21, 22, 23,24

Router is on port 17

Conference Room audio / visual equipment is plugged into port 13.


All of the other ports are used by Server, Workstations and printers on the network.


I have VLAN5 (192.168.5.x) for my conference room with the folling tagged ports: 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 so people in the conference room have access to wireless AP


I have VLAN5 port 17 tagged for conference room people have access to internet


I have port 13 (A/V equipment) as untagged as the device does not work well with VLANs.


All other ports on switch under VLAN5 configuration are set to "Not a Member"


However, when connected to VLAN5 with a DHCP address that is assigned (192.168.5.x) I can still ping with response my server IP address of


Can someone give me a little insight to where I may have gone wrong? I thought that by setting up VLAN5 with only the ports listed above as being members of VLAN5 that I should not be able to ping anything on my other network of 192.168.1.x


Thank you



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Re: HP 1910 24G and VLAN confusion..need a little help please

Hello.  Hosts on separate VLANs cannot communicate directly with each other, but you certainly can route between them.  So if your upstream router (the gateway of the hosts) has both of those networks and you are not prohibiting the two networks from communicating, say with an ACL, then they will be able to ping each other.