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HP 1910-48 (i.e.; 3COM) RADIUS Issues

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HP 1910-48 (i.e.; 3COM) RADIUS Issues



I've been trying to make RADIUS function on HP 1910 switches for a couple of weeks now. After the first few days of failure it became a pride thing, but now my mentality has been broken.


The description of the problem is fairly simple:

I can get RADIUS to authenticate, meaning I can log into the switch using my RADIUS ID, but once logged in I have no admin privilidges. Essentially I only get the option to ping and tracert. It's as if my privilidges aren't being pushed down from the RADIUS server to the switch. I have made multiple changes in the RADIUS server, but still no luck there.


Also, another querk is, depending on how I set the AAA settings, I can get the RADIUS and Local login both to work, but they both have no priviliges OR I can get just the RADIUS log in to work (still with no priviliges) and the Local login will not work. I have tried everything I can think of, and I know this is a simple task.


Anyone had this issue before?





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