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HP 1910-48G Switch(JE009A) latency

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HP 1910-48G Switch(JE009A) latency

Hello people. I had a question that has bothered me for some time. I have copper 25/10 Mb internet service on a low latency profile. I can download at 90 95% of my alloted speed and nary a blip on my traffic meter in the latency catagory.

The issue is when a program or game sends data back up. Even though i have 10Mb up, if the traffic gets past 2 or 3Mbps the ping starts climbing. At 5 and 6Mbps up it is above 100ms and at 8 Mbps up it is exceeding 200ms.

So the question is, do i need a different appliance? I am getting my service switched to 250/250 and its going to be pointless if the switching appliance i have is going to be suffering from terrible buffer bloat.


Thanks for any replies.





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Re: HP 1910-48G Switch(JE009A) latency

It's not the switch doing that.