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HP 1910-8G, NFS/CIFS between VLAN

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HP 1910-8G, NFS/CIFS between VLAN

Good day.

I have some problem with HP 1910-8G Switch JG348A


Software Version 
5.20 Release 1513P66 

Hardware Version 

Bootrom Version 



1-4ports - VLAN 1

5-8ports - VLAN 99


ip address:


VLAN99 -


I connected computer1 to port 1 with such settings: 

GW -


And computer2 to port 5:

GW -


The "pings" work good in both direction from computer1 to computer2 and the other way as well.

From the computer1 I can open webpage from the local web-server ( 

But i can't open sharing resources - when i try to open it I've received this error - "\\ Network Path Cannot Be Found"

If both computers are in the same network - it's working without any problems. 


It's a similar problem here - 



But i can't find any setting in web-management about DOS-prevention in my HP-1910-8G, although in the description of this switch there is such feature - "automatic denial-of-service prevention". 


Thanks in advance for any help.