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HP 1910-8G-PoE+ (180W) Switch

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HP 1910-8G-PoE+ (180W) Switch


We buy HP 1910-8G-PoE+ (180W) Switch. Than we switch him in PoE mode (green light near button flashing - mean PoE mode) and we connect 4 cameras Beward BD4330RVZX in switch and connect him into our network. All 4 diods where we connect cameras start light green - so PoE ok. But only 1 camera start working. Other even dont ping. When i take out working camera - one of 3 cameras start work but other 2 still dont ping. I take out this camera an one of 2 camras start working... Than we take stand alone PoE injectors and turn on cameras in them - all cameras start work normally! So why 4 cameras didnt work in HP 1910-8G-PoE+ (180W) Switch normally and all together?!


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Re: HP 1910-8G-PoE+ (180W) Switch

I'd try playing with:

Disconnect all but 2 cameras.

in POE > POE - select "Port Setup"

Select the port for the camera that is working.

check the "Power Max" checkbox and try putting in a max power setting. Try 12, 16, 19, whatever - find out the lowest value that allows the camera to keep working.

Now check the 2nd camera that wasn't working and see if it has come up.


Otherwise, I would try:

in POE > POE - select "PSE Setup"

Under "Non-Standard PD Compatibility" select "Enable".


Also, before putting these cameras on your network: configure a firewall rule that blocks all traffic from the cameras to the internet. Preferably put them in their own subnet on a seperate VLAN to everything else. Ensure you have no NAT rule that allows the cameras to traverse your gateway.



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Re: HP 1910-8G-PoE+ (180W) Switch

Ok. I turn on all 5 cameras in switch and  go on web interface. In PoE i see next situation

2 cameras work normally

1st have 18-19% and 

Port State Priority Max Power(mW) Average Power(mW) Peak Power(mW) Free Power(mW)

GE1/0/7  enable Low 30000 5595 6000 24400

2d have 13-14% and

GE1/0/2 enable High 30000 4126 6600 25800

3 cameras that didn work have 3-9% and  

GE1/0/1 enable High 30000 1181 2400 29100

GE1/0/3 enable High 30000 1082 2100 28900

GE1/0/4 enable High 30000 1080 1400 28900


So they have low Average Power and Peak Power - why? I enable all that u say and disable it - nothing changed. 



PSE ID Location State Max Power (W) Average Power(W) Peak Power(W) Available Power(W)

1 slot 1 subslot 0 on 180 13 15 168

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Re: HP 1910-8G-PoE+ (180W) Switch

If I understand correctly, your power budget is 168, and each camera is reserving 30, which means 5 should power up.


I wonder if your issue is something else - where are your cameras getting DHCP from? Is that scope full? 

Or, is there something funny going on with the MAC addresses - check each camera has its own MAC address in case somebody has configured a manual address on them that is duplicated.


The cameras you can't ping - do they appear to be receiving power though?

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Re: HP 1910-8G-PoE+ (180W) Switch

All cameras have static IP, and they all work normaly with standalone PoE injectors, so i dont think that problem in MAC adres. Cos 2 cameras work normal - it different cameras (for example camera A and camera B). And when i try to connect another 3 cameras (same as camera A that of already connected) - they didnt work. But when i disconect working camera A - another camera A start work and etc. Camera B work always. Other cameras have only 4-9% in power receive and dont ping.

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Re: HP 1910-8G-PoE+ (180W) Switch

Sorry for waking up an old thread, but I see no answer to this and I have the exact same problem too.


Did you ever find a resolve to this?


I just bought this exact same switch for a customer and connected 4 access points to it. They receive only minimal power and not the full 30w they should. I have experimented with the PoE port settings (all on critical) and the PSE ID setting (enabled) but no extra power...

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Re: HP 1910-8G-PoE+ (180W) Switch

Having the excact same problem. Have connected two Cisco Aironet 2700 series Access Points. Both report that they only get standard PoE (15,4W) from the switch... Also with only 1 AP connected... Have tried all kinds of things (firmware upgrades, only one AP, etc, etc). Inserting a regular PoE+ power injector instead makes everything work.

This switch model seems to be broken on it's PoE+ :-((