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HP 1910 8G - gateway

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HP 1910 8G - gateway

Hi all,


I'm looking for your support, I'm becomming crazy

I need to configure HP 1910 8g for a special situation.


I have 2 different and physically separated network each one with their gateway/firewall.

all the device are close.


NET1 : 192.168.100.xxx -- gw

NET2:  192.168.10.xxx -- gw


both the network have to get access on a remote service on network 10.0.19.xxx


so i would want to use only one 1910 8G to offer 10.0.19.xx access


I have setup 3 Vlan:

Vlan 1 -

Vlan 10 -

Vlan 19 -


the routing to 10.0.19.xxx through work well

and Vlan1 can't reach Vlan10 and Vlan10 can't reach Vlan1


the problem is how to setup 2 different default route to the firewalls.

I mean:

Vlan 1 must have like gateway

Vlan 10 must have like gateway


I tried to create 2 static route  Vlan-interface1  Vlan-interface10


but both network are forwarded to the same firewall and only one one can browse internet.


is there a way to setup a specific gateway for every Vlan??


thanks for your help


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Re: HP 1910 8G - gateway

As far as I know you can only have one default gateway on most basic HP switches like the 1900 series. If you want more than one default gateway you need a switch with VRF support, like Comware switches (it's called vpn-instance there). Then you can put different VLANs in their own vpn-instance and have one routing table per instance.


Otherwise, you need to route everything to one of your firewalls and then maybe you can use source-based routing on that one to do what you want?


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Re: HP 1910 8G - gateway

Remove IP configuration from the switch and patch your firewalls into switchports that are in the correct VLAN. The IP address your devices are trying to recah should be on the firewall interface their VLAN is connected to.

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Re: HP 1910 8G - gateway

thanks for your suggestions.


unlucky in the end I installed 2 devices instead only one.


thanks angain