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HP 1910 Intervlan Routing

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HP 1910 Intervlan Routing

Hi All


Sorry I am new to HP Switch and need some help with the configuration.


I am trying to configure a HP 1910-24G JE006A - 3L Switch for testing purposes. It is out of network and I have configured the VLAN + VLAN Interface + Ports (Untagged & Hybrid).


I want the VLAN's to communicate with each other.


VLAN 1 - Management -

                   Interface -

VLAN 10 - Servers -

                   Interface -

VLAN 20 - Machines -

                   Interface -


I am able to ping the VLAN Interfaces 1,10,20 from VLAN 1 but not vice versa.


Ports 1-28 are untagged for VLAN 1,10,20 with hybrid configuration.


Any help will be much appreciated.





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Re: HP 1910 Intervlan Routing

Please describe your testing in more detail: what device, what IP address, what switchport, for source and destination.

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Re: HP 1910 Intervlan Routing

The end device is a laptop.


When I changethe laptop IP as, I can ping; and


But when i change the laptop IP to192.168.57.1 or to, I cannot ping any of the interfaces.


The laptop is connected to port 1 of the switch.


The management Vlan IP is (switch IP).

Other Vlan IP's are and (Interface IP).


All Ports are untagged for Vlan 1,10 and 20.

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Re: HP 1910 Intervlan Routing

I think that last bit is the bit I don't understand - how can a port be "untagged" in more than one VLAN?


Reconfigure port 1 as untagged in just one VLAN at a time to test each network. Or use different switchports, each of them in a single "untagged" VLAN.


I really don't understand what the "hybrid" trunk ports are all about - your ports should be either "Access" (with one "untagged" VLAN and no "tagged" VLANs) or "Trunk" (with one or more "Tagged" VLANs and up to one "untagged" VLAN).

I assume there is a special use case for "hybrid", but I doubt there are many such use cases.


Maybe somebody can provide an example of where "hybrid" can be used.

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Re: HP 1910 Intervlan Routing

Hi Vince


According to hp site


ProCurve Switches - Port Link Types


Types of Port link.


The user can configure the link type of a port as access, trunk, or hybrid. The three link types use different VLAN tag handling methods:

  • An access port belongs to only one VLAN and sends traffic untagged. It is typically used to connect a terminal device unable to recognize VLAN tagged-packets or when there is no need to separate different VLAN members.

  • A trunk port can carry multiple VLANs to receive and send traffic for them. Except traffic of the default VLAN, traffic sent through a trunk port will be VLAN tagged. Usually, ports connecting network devices are configured as trunk ports.

  • Like a trunk port, a hybrid port can carry multiple VLANs to receive and send traffic for them. Unlike a trunk port, a hybrid port allows traffic of all VLANs to pass through VLAN untagged. One can configure a port connected to a network device or user terminal as a hybrid port.

This is why it is confusing for me as well.


If someone can advise what am i doing wrong here.


I will configure each port for a seperate vlan and see if they can ping.

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Re: HP 1910 Intervlan Routing

Hi Guys


I managed to resolve the issue.


The ports need to be configured as hybrid  for intervlan routing but the catch is with the PVID.


The PVID determines which IP can be assigned to the port itself.



Thanks very much.

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Re: HP 1910 Intervlan Routing



I have the same problem.  Could you share your switch config ?


Best Regards