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HP 1920-24G DHCP Relay Problem

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HP 1920-24G DHCP Relay Problem


I´m trying to put the DHCP Relay working on my Hp 1920 swich, my setup is just for test only for now, and i have a cheap Tp-Link router that as the DHCP server enable and its connected the swich with two Vlan configured and i´m tring to put the DHCP relay option to work on one have the Vlan.

>TP-Link router configuration:

IP Address:

subnet Mask:

a static route configured:

Destination Network: Subnet Mask: Default Gateway:


>DHCP server configuration:

Start IP Address:

End IP Address: 192.168.199

Default Gateway:

Primary DNS: Secondary DNS:


>Swich 1920 Vlan configuration:

Vlan 10 - IP: subnet Mask:

Vlan 20 - IP: subnet Mask:

a static route configured:

Destination Network: Mask: Next Hop:

So im trying to configure the DHCP Relay option to work on Vlan20 (follow the configuration on the swich manual), but this dont work. I do not know if can be the tp-link router that do not work with this swich to this option...

Thanks for the help. 

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Re: HP 1920-24G DHCP Relay Problem

When using dhcp relay, you need scope on the dhcp server, handing out addresses in remote subnet.
For example vlan20, you need an extra scope on dhcp server , in range (...which you don't have)

I doubt tp-link consumer device is able to do that,  a windows or linux server certainly can