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HP 1920 24G - JG924A

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HP 1920 24G - JG924A

I have a 24G Switch Hp 1920 JG924A that mistakenly erased the flash.
He says he does not have any file.
I can enter the console via putty.
but only it remains in the "Extend Bootware Menu"
and more than a thousand ways try not boot
(Clearly that has nothing in Flash "
that way I can back to life?
Thank you.

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Re: HP 1920 24G - JG924A

Try to read the "Appendix B Upgrading software" of latest HPE OfficeConnect 1920 Switch Series Release Notes (look for CMW520-R1112 Release Notes) on HPE Support Portal (look for HPE OfficeConnect 1920).

I don't know exactly what you did ("mistakenly erased the flash" could be: erased the main .bin file - used for normal boot - or erased the main plus backup .bin files - where the backup .bin file is used if there are troubles with the main .bin file) so you should carefully (a) understand what you did and (b) read that Appendix to discover how to fix the boot issue your Switch is experiencing.

Probably uploading a fresh new main .bin file (the latest release with R1112 version) should definitely fix your booting issue.