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HP 1920-24G VLAN Configuration

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HP 1920-24G VLAN Configuration


I'm new here and I'm not quite familiar with VLAN configuration. 

I have HP 1920-24G I am having trouble configuring the VLAN as show in the first picture. I already assigned port 1-8 as VLAN10 with IP address of DSL Internet router is connected to port 1. My problem is PC's(network is DHCP enabled) connecting to port 2-8 has no IP address and we cannot connect to Internet.

Configuration on VLAN10 are on the photos below


Help questions

  1. How can I configure my VLAN10 to have IP address
  2. How can I connect my VLAN10 to the internet
  3. And how can I connect my VLAN20 to other VLANs configured.

Thanks for the assistance.

 ps. sorry don't know how to insert photos

Dennis Handly
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Re: HP 1920-24G VLAN Configuration (insert images)

@aimbots  ps. sorry don't know how to insert photos


There is a menu item with a camera and "Photos".


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Re: HP 1920-24G VLAN Configuration (insert images)

Still need help on this one