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HP 1920-48 - WebLogin address(es)

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HP 1920-48 - WebLogin address(es)

Hi folks,

I'm new to this forum and HP's 1920 switching technology.

What I'd like to do is getting a 1920 configured with 2 VLANs (intranet and adminnet), but with WebLoing enaböed in only one (adminnet) of them.

So far I configured the 1920 with two port based VLANs and assigned one static adddress to each.
I'm performing the routing between these two VLANs by a seperate firewall which works fine for me.

My problem this in the Web GUI's wizzard in the "Management IP Interface Configure" I can configure one IP address for each VLAN. But, when I changethe  "Admin Status" from "Up" to "Down it works for both interfaces instead of just one and I kicked out myself from the WebGUI. How can I get this configuration running using just one of these Management IP Interfaces?

I tried to revoke/change my selection via serial console, "_cmdline-mode on" and "SYS". There are a lot of CLI commands available, but sadly not documentation available on the web. Searched 4 hours now using Google and gave up. Just old ProCurve CLI documentations are available, using "enable" and "config" mode (I know form former times ... and from CISCO routers).

But, back to my inital question: How can I configure the 1920 for 2 port based VLANs using only interface in one VLAN for WebLogin?

Any ideas, hints, etc.?

Thanks in advance and greetinx


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Re: HP 1920-48 - WebLogin address(es)

If you don't need routing, just create the 2 required VLANs, but only 1 VLAN interface.


Alternatively, under Security, Authorized IP, you can apply access list of source addresses allowed to connect to web gui