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HP 1920-48G: Routing to Internet on VLAN

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HP 1920-48G: Routing to Internet on VLAN

So, I was supposed to buy an Enterprise firewall, but my budget was cut significantly. My supplier offered me a HP 1920-48G switch (supposedly a full layer-3 switch). I now have to get my private LAN(s) to route the internet with this device (so far, without success).



ISP provided on a VLAN (442) with a /30 subnet: x.y.z.0 [ GW: x.y.z.1/30 Usable IP: x.y.z.2]

If I connect a PC directly to the ISP switch (IP: x.y.z.2 , GW: x.y.x.1), I connect to the internet and browse fine.


HP 1920:

I have created 3 VLANs ( 10= Internal_1, 20= Internal_2, 442= INTERNET)

VLAN 442: Interface IP: x.y.x.2 (tagged to PORT 48). ISP confirm they can ping this address.

VLAN 10: Port 1-12 (untagged), Port 48 (tagged), Interface IP –

VLAN 20: Port 13-24 (untagged), Port 48 (tagged), Interface IP –


  • IPv4 Routing Table is default
  • VLAN 10 devices can access devices on VLAN 20 (vice-versa)
  • All devices on VLANs 10 & 20 can ping VLAN 442 interface (x.y.x.254)
  • No devices (on all VLANs) cab ping the internet gateway [VLAN 442] (x.y.z.1)
  • No devices on any VLAN can access the internet vis VLAN 442


Please help me get both internal networks to route to the internet via VLAN 442


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Re: HP 1920-48G: Routing to Internet on VLAN

For internet access you need NAT, which the HP1920 doesn't support

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Re: HP 1920-48G: Routing to Internet on VLAN

Thanks for your reponse....