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HP 1920-48G firmware update fail

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HP 1920-48G firmware update fail



I'm currently struggling with a HP 1920-48G-PoE switch, thr problem is as following:


I tried to update the firmware (to JG928A_5.20.R1107), using the web interface. Upload went fine, and the switch rebooted.


But it never came back online... It just keept rebooting..


How can I get it up and running again?


Can I uppgrade the firmware using the console interface?

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Re: HP 1920-48G firmware update fail

It should be possible. Connect a serial console cable to the console port. The 1920 uses a baud rate of 38400. When you power on the switch you should see the boot process. At some point, you should see an option to press CTRL-B to enter the extended boot menu. Then go to the Ethernet menu and Update Main Application File. It will prompt you for appropriate IP and file name information.