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HP 1920-8G JuMBO Frames

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HP 1920-8G JuMBO Frames

Can any body help me to enable JUMBO FRAMES for HP 1920-8G Switch?

Is it by default enabled? I can't Find any option in web interface to enable it


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Re: HP 1920-8G JuMBO Frames

Hi, I think it was yet discussed here.

Basically you should be able to globally disable the usage of Jumbo Frame (MTU: 9600) with the undo jumboframe enable command (and re-enable it with the jumboframe enable command) only through CLI shell (see given example) when in system-view mode (remember to Save current configuration and then Reboot the Switch); actually that's not possible via GUI.

AFAIK Jumbo Frames in HPE OfficeConnect 1920 Switch Series are enabled by default and indeed you will find the "The Maximum Frame Length is 9600" string related to each Gigabit Ethernet Interface if you perform a display diagnostic-information command.