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HP 1920-8G-POE+ (65W) CISCO AIRONET 1602

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HP 1920-8G-POE+ (65W) CISCO AIRONET 1602

Hello to everybody !!

I need pls an advice about the compatibility of network switch HP 1920-8G-POE+ (65W), with CISCO AIRONET 1602 ACCESS POINTS.

Every AP needs 12.95 watt power.


Thank you very much !!

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Re: HP 1920-8G-POE+ (65W) CISCO AIRONET 1602

It depends on how many Wireless APs you're planning to be connected/fed directly by the HPE 1920-8G PoE+ (65W) switch.
HPE QuickConnect 1920 Switch Series datasheet states that "IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet (PoE+) provides up to 30 W per port, which allows support of the latest PoE+ capable devices such as IP phones, wireless access points, and security cameras, as well as any IEEE 802.3af compliant end device" and each CISCO Aironet AP1600 could draw up to about 15 Watt (CISCO states "AP1600: 12.95 W Note: When deployed using PoE, the power drawn from the power sourcing equipment will be higher by some amount dependent on the length of the interconnecting cable. This additional power may be as high as 2.45W, bringing the total system power draw (access point + cabling) to 15.4W.") so if I were you I would be cautious in concurrently connecting all n-1 (so 7) remaining PoE+ switch free ports (supposing that at least 1 GE PoE+ port is left for uplink if no SFP module are used) to PoE enabled Wireless APs.