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HP 1920-8G corrupted

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HP 1920-8G corrupted

I have an HP 1920-8G (JG920A) that will only boot to the Bootware menu.  The config file will not load; both it and the backup are corrupted, it seems.  The only way I can connect is using a serial connection to the cosole port.  I'd like to restore to factory default, but it says "Password recovery capability is enabled. To perform this operation, first
disable the password recovery capability using the undo password-recovery enable command in CLI."

Unfortunately, I can't do that.  Is there another way?

I have updated firmware to apply but any time I try to do that via the Serial SubMenu, the XModem transfer errors out. 

At this point I'm simply replacing the switch, but I need to know if the 1920 is effectively bricked or if there is a way to bring it back to life.  Thanks!


Re: HP 1920-8G corrupted


When you press the Ctrl+B, it should take you to Bootware menu to where you have the option to factory reset (5).

If it prompts you for bootware password which you have forgot (default no password), you can get a one time password from HPE support by providing the the device MAC address details.


Below is the example:

Press Ctrl + B at the prompt.
BootWare password: Not required. Please press Enter to continue.

Password recovery capability is enabled.
Note: The current operating device is flash
Enter < Storage Device Operation > to select device.

===========================<EXTEND-BOOTWARE MENU>===========================
|<1> Boot System |
|<2> Enter Serial SubMenu |
|<3> Enter Ethernet SubMenu |
|<4> File Control |
|<5> Restore to Factory Default Configuration |
|<6> Skip Current System Configuration |
|<7> BootWare Operation Menu |
|<8> Clear Super Password |
|<9> Storage Device Operation |
|<0> Reboot |
Ctrl+F: Format File System
Enter your choice(0-9):




Thank You!
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