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HP 1920 (JG925A) - Configure VLan Priority over Trunk Port

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HP 1920 (JG925A) - Configure VLan Priority over Trunk Port

Hi All,


Im new to this range of switches and very new to the concept of VLANs/Qos - Have spent a number of years disussing the principles but only now do I have to implement.


I cannot find enough info about the setup of the HP 1920 web based switches to understand the step by step procedure to achieve what I want.


In Essence - I need to get some reliable Quality Of Service for VLAN Traffic over a Trunk Port between Switches with the trunk port (between two switches) made of 2 ports in static aggregation and the other fibre connections. I have 4 HP 1920 Switches in a new environment which is yet to go live


 So Far ...


  1. I have set up the switches to a point using prior knowledge and the manual examples
  2. The Switches have been configured so that they are all

        a. Connected to each other via trunk ports (PVID=1)

        b. SFP Connection Between Distance Switches

        c. Two Points bound as Aggregate Group Between two local switches (configured as Trunk)

        d. There are a further 5 VLANS setup for current and future use (where VLAN ID 2 = Mitel Phone System Traffic)


My Notes in the excercise so far 


  1. At the moment if I’m an dealing with traffic on a single switch where ive configured ports as access ports set onto a particular VLAN - since the traffic is untagged and each VLAN ONLY sees itself – Setting Quality of Service should not be needed.


  1. I’m conscious that since POE phones will be plugged into the two remote switches, the trunk port will carry packet data from all VLans between switches and to our Sonicwall without any form of QOS. this im worried will cause common VOIP issues.


In the latter case I can find very little information in the manual or examples on the net for this particular switch and without doing a course in the subject im hitting a brick wall.


I just need to configure what from my understanding should be easy to fo on all trunk ports


Im looking for some simple QOS Policy to prioritise ALL Packets/traffic on a Priority 6 basis from VLAN 2 so that any point between switches regardless of load, VLAN 2 Takes Priority.


I am not looking at using the standard Voice LAN because although I have entered all of the OUI info for our system, it seems only possible to apply this to a single port and not on an aggregate group which has been used as a bridge.


Any Help would be greatfully received on how I need to setup the switches up to achieve?


I have attached a hand drawn sketch of my setup....


Thanks in advance



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