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HP 1920 Switch vLan

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HP 1920 Switch vLan

On all of my other HP switches I can run these commands:

switch#config t

switch(config)#vlan 61



Tag the ports I want and for vLan 61 and my Polycom VoIP phones will work.  With my new 1920 switch I can't run these commands.  I tried configuring the vLan via the web interface and it is not working.  My phones will not grab an IP address.  The OUI for Polycom is already added.  I even tried to delte the vLan and start over, but it won't even let me do that because it says it is a voice vLan so it can't be deleted.

I just need some help to get my phones working on these new switches.


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Re: HP 1920 Switch vLan

The 1920 is comware based, not provision like you're used to.  It's user guide is pretty decent (547 pages) , and it'll show you all the required GUI steps to configure (voice) VLANs.
Moreover, officially 1920 only has web interface.  Full CLI isn't supported, accessing it might void waaranty, but reveals the real power of the switch....