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HP 1920 VLAN and Routing

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HP 1920 VLAN and Routing

I have an HP1920 switch, i want to configure vlan and routing,

set port 23 vlan= tagged,( which is connected to an ISP router(192.168,1,1) as internet provider for laptops which connects using wifi).

and the rest of the ports 1-22=untagged( on port 1 i connected a second ISP router( for the desktop which is connected to switch using LAN cable.

now what i want is when the laptops connects to the first ISP through wifi it will get a dhcp( from the firts router and can see all the desktops which is directly connected the HP switch with dchp provided by the 2nd ISP htat gives a dhcp

any advice is very much appreciated.   

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Re: HP 1920 VLAN and Routing

hello friend, I'm having a problem here at work. 

Notify me when you can please