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HP 1920 disable port shutdown

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HP 1920 disable port shutdown


I have a HP 1920 Managed Switch and have my synology attached on this.

Problem is now the following: when my nas goes to deepsleep the switch shuts the port (on wich the nas is attached) down.
After that I´m not able to wake my NAS with a wake on lan magic package.

in the first 10 minutes after switch reboot the port operates normal (is active) and wake on lan is possible. But after the 10 minutes the switch detects the inactivity and shuts the port down.

is there any possibility to keep this special port always active? Because so i would be able to send the WOL signal.

I tried to disable the energy saving feature for that port, but the switch still shuts down the port.

i really need the port to keep active to send this.
Any suggestions or possible solutions?