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HP 1920S Configure GVRP/MVRP

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HP 1920S Configure GVRP/MVRP

I am trying to find out if the HP 1920S switches are gvrp or mvrp capable.

The switch can do Radius dynamic VLAN assignment and creates the dynamic VLAN even if missing, but it does not have an uplink. This requires disconnected the device and statically creating the VLAN, which would be alleviated if gvrp/mvrp was available.

If a VLAN is created dynamically by Radius you cannot define an uplink (Tagged/Trunked) port for the VLAN as it says it was dynamically created and you cannot define settings for it.

This also means I have to statically create it at the uplink switch as the switch has gvrp on and doesn't know that the switch below is participating in the VLAN because gvrp/mvrp isn't on to let it know.

Essentially, every time I need to configure a VLAN statically on a 1920S, I have to do it statically at the above switch, as well. Adding an unneccessary amount of time for each VLAN.

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Re: HP 1920S Configure GVRP/MVRP

Does anybody know if this switch has gvrp/mvrp capabilities?

If yes, how?


Re: HP 1920S Configure GVRP/MVRP


I do not think this has the GVRP/MVRP feature, but you have the option to enable  dynamic vlan creation mode under port acces contorl configuration.

Please refer page 178 of the below configuraiton gudie.



To display the Port Access Control Configuration page, click Security > Port Access Control in the
navigation pane, and ensure that the Configuration tab is selected.

Dynamic VLAN CreationMode

The administrative mode of dynamic VLAN creation on the device. If RADIUS-assigned
VLANs are enabled, the RADIUS server is expected to include the VLAN ID in the 802.1X
tunnel attributes of its response message to the device. If dynamic VLAN creation is enabled
on the device and the RADIUS-assigned VLAN does not exist, then the assigned VLAN is
dynamically created. This implies that the client can connect from any port and can get
assigned to the appropriate VLAN. This feature gives flexibility for clients to move around the
network without much additional configuration required




Thank You!
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