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HP-1950 (JG961A) SFP

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HP-1950 (JG961A) SFP


I have found in HP 1950 switch series Quick Spec. document that the J8177C (SFP RJ45) is what I need. Unfortunatly I cannot find how to configure or tell the uplink port that it has an SFP now. I do recall that on other switches other than HP I had to, at least, this paticular port has an SFP now. I do not see any SFP choice on any interfaces in the WEB GUI or the CLI.


1- Do I need to configure the port accepting this SFP or not (automatically recongnize)?

2-  If I do need to configure the port to accept an SFP, how do I proceed?


p.s great forum BTW! 

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Re: HP-1950 (JG961A) SFP

That's interesting...even if in the QuickSpecs the J8177C is listed as supported...in the HPE OfficeConnect 1950 Switch Series Getting Started Guide (August 2016) the only one supported SFP (Copper) Transceiver that can be installed on SFP+ Ports and that is listed is, de facto, a genuine JD089B (HPE X120 1G SFP RJ45 T Transceiver).

That's could be the culprit: QuickSpecs reports both JD089B and J8177C, the Getting Started Guide reports only the JD089B.

Anyway, questions:

  1. Which Software version is the JG961A actually running (Rxxxx or RxxxxPyy)?
  2. Does this issue (Genuine HPE SFP Transceiver J8177C - HPE X121 1G SFP RJ45 T Transceiver - is not recognized so it doesn't show up on Web GUI or via CLI) still happen after a full power-cycle (On->Off->On)?
  3. Via CLI (system-view) what is the effect on Switch's Log of executing the undo transceiver phony-alarm-disable command [*] which is available since Software version R3111P02?
  4. Via CLI (system-view) what is the output of summary and display commands?

[*] The undo transceiver phony-alarm-disable command (it enables the functional check which is disabled by default) means that the Switch will regularly check (any) Transceiver Module eventually installed for its vendor name: if an installed Transceiver Module hasn't a vendor name or if the vendor name it shows is not HPE, the Switch repeatedly outputs Traps and Log messages (which can be useful for debugging).

Technically a fully working, genuine and supported Transceiver should work without any configuration (enablement)...

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Re: HP-1950 (JG961A) SFP

Ok, thanks!