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HP ProCurve 1910 ACLs doesnt Work

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HP ProCurve 1910 ACLs doesnt Work

First:  sorry my english is not so good. For the most of the text I used the google translator.


Dear HP Support Forum,

I bought an HP ProCurve 1910 Switch L3 Lite me 3 days ago, when I came up on the first of the web interface very slow in responding. So far so good, I have the firmware updated to the latest, up to this point had not improved much, except that the CPU load was low.

I have with me here 4 VLANs:

Switch interfaces are with me always: .254

VLAN 1 - Management -> / 24 -> No internet access but Intervlanverbindung

VLAN 2 - Private -> / 24 -> Should have no Internet access, but Intervlanverbindung

VLAN 3 - Internet -> / 24 - have> set Internet access, with limited Intervlanzugriff

VLAN 4 - DMZ -> / 24 -> Demilitarized Zone, there is the route

The first thing that made me suspicious was that the ACLs have something to do with QOS. Then I tried the first ACLs to fruition which resulted in that I had no more access to the Internet either, or the ACL was not observed.

Why is actually in the manual of outbound ACLs and QOS mentioned that if the switch can not, because I only inbound offered in the selection box?

I now know that the switch is a 3COM. But the ACLs do not work.


I thought the set would be almost as like the other models HP IOS.



Thanks in advance.