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HP Procurve 1910-16G and 2810-24 operation VLANs

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HP Procurve 1910-16G and 2810-24 operation VLANs

Hello, together!


I have some misunderstanding in VLAN configuration between these two switches. I have 3 VLANs at 1910. All port has untagged membership and link type - acess. The diffirence is only in VLAN id.

At 2810 I have 2 VLANs. "Default"(PVID -1) and "Internet"(PVID - 2) - 1 port. The port has untagged membership in VLAN 2 and has access mode.

1910 connected with the 2810 with patchcord(untagged port in VLAN2).

2810 connected with another 2810 and 2510 via optic at other buildings.

All optic ports at all swithes are tagged.

And I need to forward traffic from 1910(vlan 3 port) to First 2810 and then to Second 2810 and 2510 (to one port in each other). at second 2810 and 2510 there are two ports in VLAN 2.

it works with second 2810 and I have needed traffic at the port in vlan 2.

but it doesnt work with 2510 in other building. Settings are the same.

And i don't understand why it works with vlans with differens id's(Vlan 3 at 1910 and vlan 2 at 2810 and 2510).

And also I am not sure that traffic in this config

transmits only in closed space of VLAN.


If somebody have any ideas, please let me know)

thanks an advance,




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Re: HP Procurve 1910-16G and 2810-24 operation VLANs

now... it is working in the second building too.

somebody switched cable to another plug )))