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HP Switch 1910 / 1920

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HP Switch 1910 / 1920

Hello ,
I have HP switches 1910 and 1920, I want to configure Qos for Voice Vlan. I've already configured it on HP procurve 5400
switch command: Qos priority 5
how can i configured this Qos on 1910 switch ?

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Re: HP Switch 1910 / 1920

On 1920, when VOICE devices send audio with correct DSCP marking, just set trust mode on all ports connected to audio devices.(QoS , port priority , trust mode=dscp)
When your devices don't set proper DSCP markings, you have to go the hard way:
Create classifier, behavior, QoS policy, and apply this policy to VOIP ports.
imho , even the 500+ pages manual lacks proper documentation on this point.