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HP Switch 1920 - VLAN issue

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HP Switch 1920 - VLAN issue

Dear All,

I have installed a HP 1920 Office Switch. We are using 3 VLAN's (2, 10 and 16). VLAN 10 is the Management VLAN. I connected Port GE1/0/1 to our other switch and configured that port tagged with VLAN 2,10 and 16 with Link Type "Trunk". The VLAN interface is set to VLAN ID 10 with the according IP address, which is the switch IP address. If I view the PORT DETAILS you see VLAN 1 untaged and VLAN 2,10,16 tagged with link type "TRUNK" and PVID 1. I can't ping to the switch. The switch itself works perfect, meaning that ports that are configured untaged to VLAN 2 or 16 are working and can communicate with each other.

Can you help me out with this "management VLAN" issue? I am not that good with networking, but the VLAN setup that we have is rather simple. Our other switch is a D-link switch. Which i configured the exact same way and I can connect to that switch without any issue.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,





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Re: HP Switch 1920 - VLAN issue


Where do you try to ping your Switch from ?

Not really sure about the config you did on your Switch but here is what you shoud have according to what I understood :-)


vlan 2

name vlan2

vlan 10

name vlan10

vlan 16

name vlan16

int vlan10

ip address xx.xx.xx.xx yy.yy.yy.yy

int gi1/0/1

port link-type trunk

undo port trunk permit vlan 1

port trunk permit vlan 2 10 16

ip route-static <VLAN10 Router's IP>



If you can provide us your configuration (display current-configuration), we can see what's wrong with your configuration.


Best Regards,