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Re: HP Switch ping delay

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HP Switch ping delay

I have receiced a problem from my customer about high ping delay of HP 1910-24G. If i ping another network device through the switch, the delay will be less than 1ms. But if i ping directly to the switch, the delay is equal to 1ms or higher. This problem is the same with HP 2520 series witth latest firmware, so i think is this a firmware problem or because of hp switching 's architecture

This problem doesn't present on Cisco Switch thought

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Re: HP Switch ping delay

I would have thought this a fairly typical result: packet forwarding is done largely in hardware but replying to pings goes via the CPU. Does it matter?

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Re: HP Switch ping delay

It is a typical result if every switching devices are the same. But this doesn't happen in cisco switch, so the customer may think that HP switch has some problem with hardware even thought the different in ping delay is just a few milliseconds

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Re: HP Switch ping delay



It's not a problem, it's as per design. Here's the explanation:





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