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HP V1405-16 : unable to connect to device

Deneve Vincent
Occasional Contributor

HP V1405-16 : unable to connect to device



For some reason I am unable to connect to the webinterface of a HP V1405-16 switch.The device seems to be working fine, but does not respond to ping or http requests.Rebooting the machine does not help.


To make matters worse, I lost the manual and don't know how to access the console using the serial cable.

The cable is connected properly but I don't know the procedure (baud rate etc.) And ofcourse HP does not seem to provide an online manual.


All help appreciated. I'd be happy if I could just access the console / anything.


Thanks !



Fredrik Lönnman
Honored Contributor

Re: HP V1405-16 : unable to connect to device

Try using 19200 as baud rate. Once you're logged in via serial you probably need to start the web management interface via the "ip http server enable" command, or something similar.

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