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HP V1810-48G Intermittent reboots

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HP V1810-48G Intermittent reboots

I have the following switch HP V1810-48G, PK.1.4, eCos-2.0, CFE-3.8 - Software version PK.1.4, which appears to be randomly rebooting for no reason. I noticed that there are other threads that mention firmwares that fix this problem on other versions of the switch (v P.2.5 for 1810-24 which is not listed on the HP site), but I can't find anything for this switch. The firmware on my switch is from July 2011. 


Does anybody else experience these or similar problems with this switch? Is there a fix for it?


Thanks in advance for any assistance with this issue.

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Re: HP V1810-48G Intermittent reboots


I'm also seeing random reboots on 1810-48G switch, some 8-20 hours apart.

firmware version PK.1.15

Any suggestions?

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Re: HP V1810-48G Intermittent reboots

During PK1.14 firmware the switch web interface will be inaccessible and needs to be rebooted to restore normal operation. After upgrade to PK1.15 the switch does not need to be rebooted, it reboots randomly and users would randomlt get disconnected for around 3 minutes.