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HP V1810-48G Low performance

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HP V1810-48G Low performance

We sold one procurve HP V1810-48G (J9660A) in an internet cafe
customer replaced 3 switches 24 port gigabit allied telesis at-9424t 6 years old with the procurve

he has a game server with all games and client computers that copy games from that server  every time (some games are very big like 20gb each ) serve has on intel 4 port gigabit lan card that i connected with for port on procurve configured as dynamic trunk 1 ports with lacp (seems to work fine 4gbits.

After this switch replacement copy transfer droped to half and waiting time for customers doubled.
Copy starts from 90mbps and falls in 10 seconds to 13mbps. Any idea why this is happening? I have read the manual 2 times i tried one day to play with switch web interface but no result.

Please help

i attach you old switch specs

and my pro curve configuration info

Thank you



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Re: HP V1810-48G Low performance

Is it slow for all of them?


Some of those ports are running at 10Mb, why is that?