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Re: HP V1910 - now with IPv6?

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HP V1910 - now with IPv6?

Well, I do have some 3Com 2928/2952 switches with an additional white HP label on it saying it´s a HP V1910 with an additional HP serial number.


According to http://h20195.www2.hp.com/v2/GetPDF.aspx/c03344960.pdf the HP V1910 has IPv6 support, nice.


Therefore I installed the latest firmware "1910_5.20.R1111P01" from https://h10145.www1.hp.com/downloads/SoftwareReleases.aspx?ProductNumber=JE009A.


Well, I cannot find the possibility to set the IPv6 address within the webgui. Nor can I setup IPv6 ACLs. So, I´m asking myself whether there is a kind of check, when the switch boots up.


For now it says that it´s e.g. a "3Com 2928". So, is there  a check, whether it is a "HP 1910" to activate IPv6?


If not, does anyone have the right firmware, to enable IPv6 on the switch?



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Re: HP V1910 - now with IPv6?

The 1910 only supports IPv6 for management and ACL features. To assign an IP address to it you have to use IPv4. The firmware that you already uploaded to the switch is correct, there is no firmware that provides IPv6 L3 features.



Fred Mancen
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Re: HP V1910 - now with IPv6?

Well, according to the datasheet, it should:


• IPv6:
– IPv6 host: enables switches to be managed and
deployed at the IPv6 network's edge
– IPv6 static routes:
– MLD snooping: forwards IPv6 multicast traffic to
the appropriate interface, preventing traffic
– IPv6 ACL/QoS: supports ACL and QoS for IPv6
network traffic


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Re: HP V1910 - now with IPv6?

So, here it is, the manual for Release 1511:




Let´s see, when the firmware itself will be available...