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HP v1910-8G - Radius re-auth fails after 1 minute

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HP v1910-8G - Radius re-auth fails after 1 minute


I have a problem with the Radius Accounting on a HP 1910-8G switch. The clientauthorization is successfull. But after 1 minute the clients want to reauthenticate and then the authorization fails. I found the following entries in the radius-log:

"Acct-Status-Type = Stop" and "Acct-Terminate-Cause = Lost-Carrier".

I've done a factory-reset and then a reconfigure, but this didn't help either. The software version is: 5.20 Release 1513P81.

Can anyone help? Thanks.


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Re: HP v1910-8G - Radius re-auth fails after 1 minute


Could you share your configuration?
I'm trying to configure same as you but no message to RADIUS.

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Re: HP v1910-8G - Radius re-auth fails after 1 minute

I followed the instructions in the manual.

1) Configure you VLANs


2) Authentication > 802.1x: Enable 802.1x. For me: Authentication Method: "EAP". works.


3) Configure your ports for 802.1x. Enable Reaccounting on the port setup.


4) Enter the settings for your radius server: authentication & accounting. Set the status to "active".


5) On the Radius setup tab, set the server type to "extended" and enter the shared keys for authentication & accounting. Also set the username format ether to include the domainname or not.


6) Now, you have to configure AAA: On domain setup enter a domain name an set the default domain to "Enable".


7) Authentication tab: Set LAN-access AuthN to "Radius" and the name to "system". Leave the Secondary method blank.

 With this method only the connected users (via LAN) have to enter their username/password. If you setup the first selection then all Users including the Login users (for the webinterface) on the Switch are authenticated via radius.


8) Authorization tab: LAN-access AuthZ: "Radius", Name ="system".


9) Accounting tab:  LANN-access Accounting: "Radius", Name="system".


Enable the debug modus for your radius server. Now you'll see the request form your switch....


My problem persists. A 3rd factory reset didn't help. I think I 'll call the HP support.