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HP v1910 qos

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HP v1910 qos

So I've inherited a network with HP 1910 switches.  These will likely be upgraded soon, but in the meantime, we're running a lot of voice and video and no one has implemented QoS in the past.  There have definitely been some congestion issues and I'd like to get something running to prioritze this traffic.


Basically, I'm going to have to do it with an ACL that says anything going to a specific set of IPs gets priortized.  How can I accomplish this?  Please know that I've already read the user manual many times and it's not helpful except for basic understanding of QoS.  I've already created an ACL with destination subnets, created a Classifier that calls this ACL, created a Behavior that permits this traffic (I didn't apply this to any ports yet), and I've created a QoS Policy using the above Classifier and Behavior. 


So how do I priortize this traffic?  This could show up on any port so that needs to be prioritized as incoming.  There are 6 of these switches linked with 1gig connections and it's a flat network--one single VLAN.  So on the uplinks to the core switch I need this to be prioritzed outgoing.  I feel like I'm close but just need to know where this last step is.


I appreciate the help!  Thanks!



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Re: HP v1910 qos



Pease refer the below  article



the best practice is to give voice its own VLAN... would probably make it easier too. Even if the devices are on physically separate switches, you are still getting broadcasts from the workstation switch into the phone switch.




No user action is required to prioritize voice traffic in the Voice VLAN, it is automatically given QoS parameters for voice traffic.   HP 1910 Gigabit Ethernet Switch Series User Guide states the following under 'Voice VLAN configuration' section:  "A voice VLAN is configured for voice traffic. After assigning the ports that connect to voice devices to a voice VLAN, the system automatically configures quality of service (QoS) parameters for voice traffic, to improve the transmission priority of voice traffic and ensure voice quality." 
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Re: HP v1910 qos

Thanks for the reply, but my traffic cannot be segmented onto its own VLAN.  This is an application that runs on everything from iPhones, Androids, iPads, to laptops that run Voice/Video conferencing.  It is a proprietary system that is home grown.  This is why I need to do this based on destination IP down to our data center that hosts this service.  Can this be done on these switches?  Thanks.

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Re: HP v1910 qos

In your 1910 GUI, you have a QoS tab - under this you click on "Classifier" then "Create".

Do one of these for each class of traffic (usually Voice, Video, Apps, Default).

Then for each Class click on "setup" and figure out how each class of traffic is going to be defined.


Then use "policy" to create policies and "setup" on each policy to add that policy to your switchports.



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Re: HP v1910 qos

Thanks for the reply.  I have already done what you've stated where I've created a classifier that calls an ACL that identifies anything going to 2 specific subnets.  I've then created a Behavior that "permits" this traffic, then I created a QoS Policy that combines these 2 together.  I'm not sure how to use this to prioritize this traffic.  The switch features listed claim it has this option but it's not clear how to do this.


Another note is that this traffic does not have DSCP markings to prioritize on so it must be done based on destination IP.  I've attached a screenshot that shows my classifier and the options under the QoS tab.  Thanks for the help.