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HP1910-8 routing problem

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HP1910-8 routing problem

Dear friends!


I have to connect two locations ower wifi bridge. Subnet 192.168.16.x is on location B. Primary antena ( is conected to port on HP1910 in vlan 192, on location A. Vlan 50 on this switch is 10.50.0.x subnet, wich is also the gateway. But i cant get from location B to A or vice versa. Routing problem? I'm ataching the config file and drawing to ilustrate beter.


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Re: HP1910-8 routing problem

I think you need to improve your design a little - each router needs each of its physical interface IP addressing labelled. Then ensure you label below each router with each other IP interface it has.


Now, you talk about having between Routers C and A, but you already have that subnet between B and A. Don't do that. 

In fact, if as I suspect your is a subnet with network hosts on it, then you shouldn't be using it between your routers at all. Each link between each pair of routers should use a unique subnet not in use anywhere else on the network.


Then, assuming you want to do this with static routes, you follow this process:

Identify each subnet present on each router. (no subnet should be present on more than one router, except for the site-to-site link IP subnet.

On router A, add in all of Router B's subnets as static routes pointing at the router A-->B link remote end interface.

On router A, add Router C's subnets.

On router B add A & C's subnets,