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HP1910-8G-PoE+ Problem setting & saving manual IP

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HP1910-8G-PoE+ Problem setting & saving manual IP

New here and first post. I hope this is the correct forum but if not please point me to the right one.


I have just purchased the captioned switch (JG350) with no experience yet of Vlans and am feeling my way from the beginning with the management interface. 


For fixed devices on our soho network I have tended to use fixed IPs.  (The DHCP server has limited capability to assign static IPs.) 


I tried setting a fixed IP on the switch using both console and web interface but couldn't get either method to save the required address.  When using the web interface I get a warning that I could lose the connection, which is expected, but in fact the system always reverts to the default IP.  I have tried saving after the Finish button in the setup wizard but the window freezes.


What am I doing wrong please?



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