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HP1920S Trunk amount limitation

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HP1920S Trunk amount limitation


I'm a bit confused at how the trunk configuration on a 1920s switch works. I Have experience with 1920.

I'm connecting 10 Unifi AP's to this switch. Each of the ports should be a trunk with the same VLAN configuration (One VLAN untagged, all others tagged).

Can I configure let's say one trunk and assign all 10 ports to this or will this create a LAG? Or do I need to confugere a sepparate trunk for each port altough the configuration for each trunk would be the same? In this case I'm a bit screwed.


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Re: HP1920S Trunk amount limitation

If you configure a trunk, you will create 1 big bundle of ports that will act as 1. You don't need that. for your setup

You will have to configure each port individualy. 

note:  aTrunk can mean 2 things: A bundle of ports (LAG) or a port with multiple vlans configured on it. In your case you need the second option. And you should be able to easly configure this in the GUI under port configuration.